You can make a Website sign to embed on your website,
or a Printable sign to print on your printer.
Please select the content you would like to appear in your sign.

Settings for Website signs:

Current Time   in 24-hr format
Time Remaining
    "Opening in" & "Closing in" hr,min
    "Open til" & "Next Open"
Open/Closed Status
Business Hours
    highlight current day

Sign width: pixels (100 to 300)

Additional settings for
Website and Printable signs:

Custom "Closed" message
(Max 15 characters per line)
    Line 1:
    Line 2:
Custom Sign Title
(Max 20 characters)

Omit URL

These previews show website signs. Printable signs don't show the time.
when Open:

Business Hours

when Closed:

Business Hours


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